On Google + Nest

January 15, 2014

After moving into our first home about a year ago, I’ve had my eye on Nest products – the “smart” thermostat and smoke detector. Both seemed perfectly targeted to middle-aged Apple fans that want to tech-up their home. The products were a bit on the expensive side, but not prohibitively out of reach, and looked cool – not unlike Apple products. Which makes sense, as Nest’s founder Tony Fadell worked at Apple on the iPod.

Mad Men: The Quality Of Mercy

June 18, 2013



Pete learns Bob’s secret, Don embarrasses Ted and Peggy, and Sally visits a boarding school.

Mad Men: Favors

June 16, 2013



Don helps out Sylvia, Pete reconnects with Peggy, and Sally discovers something awful.

Mad Men: A Tale Of Two Cities

June 15, 2013



Don, Roger, and Harry visit Los Angeles, while Joan tries to land Avon.

Mad Men: The Better Half

June 6, 2013



Don and Betty hook up at Bobby’s summer camp, while Peggy and Abe break up.