On Google + Nest

January 15, 2014

After moving into our first home about a year ago, I’ve had my eye on Nest products – the “smart” thermostat and smoke detector. Both seemed perfectly targeted to middle-aged Apple fans that want to tech-up their home. The products were a bit on the expensive side, but not prohibitively out of reach, and looked cool – not unlike Apple products. Which makes sense, as Nest’s founder Tony Fadell worked at Apple on the iPod.

Caving On The iPad

December 16, 2013

So it looks like I can’t hold out much longer. Will probably cave and get a Retina iPad Mini or iPad Air this week.¬†Spurring things is last-minute holiday travel.

Life Without iPad

December 1, 2013

In anticipation of getting a new iPad (either the iPad Air or the Retina iPad Mini) and my inability to decide – I’m currently iPad-less. The old iPad 2 was handed over to an aged relative during the holiday weekend.

iPad Air Or iPad Mini: Still Haven’t Decided

November 26, 2013

After the announcement, I was pretty set on getting the Retina iPad Mini. It seemed like the $100 less for essentially the same hardware speed was the deciding factor.

Wired’s Look Back At The iPad Launch

November 2, 2013

Interesting article. Hindsight is always 20/20, but my key takeaway is that the iPad’s success had a lot to do with the iPhone before it (and the iPhone coming after the iPod). iPod -> iPhone -> iPad. Change the order and things wouldn’t have worked as well if at all.