iChat Mobile?

August 2, 2006

iChat Mobile mockup, that frankly on closer inspection looks to be fake. However, I still think the apple iPhone is a great idea and I would probably pony up for one. I already carry an iPod most days and a music carrying phone or an iPod with phone ability has instant appeal.

MacBook Tip: Two Finger Scrolling with One Finger

July 31, 2006

One cool feature of the MacBook is its scroll-wheel functionality, activated by dragging two fingers across the trackpad. It’s able to recognize when two fingers are placed and moved on it.

Digg vs. Netscape: Rose vs. Calacanis

July 26, 2006

So there’s a competition between Digg and the Netscape redesign, with the latter clearly imitating the former. That’s bad enough, but recently J. Calacanis suggested paying the top posters to Digg (and several other Web 2.0 companies) to get them to submit stories on his site.

eBooks on the iPod

July 23, 2006

Interesting rumor about Apple working to put eBooks, or digital text on the iPod. My previous job was at the eBook division at Gemstar, coding content for the REB 1100 (formerly Rocketbook) and the REB 1200 (formerly Softbook).

Apple’s Future

July 21, 2006

Apple Computer announced decent earnings and their stock shot up from 54 to 61 in one day on Wednesday. Some thoughts on the future and why Apple should keep improving their business: