On A Google Home Entertainment System

February 10, 2012

Sounds like another arrow to put precious wood behind. And it seemed they were doing a pretty good job of reducing the number of arrows.

On Apple Stock

February 10, 2012

Apple stock is within striking distance of $500, and actually a lot quicker than I thought possible. I figured it was going to happen sometime this year, but it seems intent on breaking that marker sometime this month. That’s kinda nuts. The reasons seem rather vague – insider information about a dividend, or product rumors regarding Apple TV Proper or iPad 3 – both odd since the former is pure speculation and everything regarding the latter has been totally predictable / unsurprising.

Paul McCartney Event Via iTunes Live

February 9, 2012

Tonight at 7PM Pacific, the ex-Beatle performs songs from his new album “Kisses on the Bottom” (fairly awkward title) which features old standards. The event will pipe directly into the Apple TV via an iTunes stream – think I saw an event placeholder under Internet -> iTunes Live.

Falling Don Draper Pendant

February 8, 2012

Offshoot of the Mad Men Season 5 promo poster, Saucier Jewelry presents the Falling Don Draper Pendant - yours for only $50.


February 8, 2012

So I have a Gmail account. But I still encounter folks who say, “Oh… I don’t trust Gmail… I heard Google reads your email to show you ads.” And that’s pretty much the end of the conversation, as arguing privacy is dead, an algorithm does the reading, or the product’s many good points can’t overcome the icky feeling that the service puts the needs of the company ahead of the user.