Wired Home Network: Worth It?

January 12, 2013

Not to skew this blog into “home improvement” but one of the first possible DIY nerd projects at the new place, is to build a home network wiring up every room. The house we’re moving into shortly is older without such bells and whistles. Anyhow, it seems one can buy wall jacks for just about anything imaginable, various racks for plugs, enclosures to wire up phone, Internet, cable, and even audio, and eventually end up with something from The Matrix in your basement.

On A Cheaper iPhone

January 8, 2013

Yeah I dunno about the prospect of a cheaper iPhone. I don’t see anything wrong with offering old iPhones for less. Right now one can get an iPhone 4 – which is still, a perfectly decent iPhone for many – for free (well, with a two year contract which you’d be paying for anyway).


January 7, 2013

So the aforementioned side project has moved onto a different phase – the hapless spouse and I just closed on a house, and entered the ranks of middle class indentured servitude for the the next few decades at least.

Have No Idea What’s Going On In Social Anymore

December 30, 2012

Yeah so you may have read a teenager’s thoughts on useful social tech stuff in the post-Facebook era. And it probably goes without saying I now feel totally old and out of it. Not that it really matters anymore, though.

iPad vs. iPad Mini

December 27, 2012

Finally got a chance to spend some quality time with an iPad Mini. Bottom line: not replacing our iPad 2 just yet.