The Rise Of Samsung

March 19, 2013

Not sure exactly when it happened, but over the past few years Samsung has essentially taken the place of Sony in my mind. Not exactly surpassing Apple, but just being the electronics manufacturer that makes “everything else.”

Google To Shut Down Google Reader

March 13, 2013

Didn’t care much when Google shut down services as odds were high I never used ’em, but now there’s one I still use: Google Reader. Google’s axing it come July this year.

Do The Right Thing

March 11, 2013

Do The Right Thing


Mookie (Spike Lee) delivers pizza on a very hot day where things go from bad to worse.

The Mac Pro As “Halo Car”

March 8, 2013

The Mac Pro hasn’t seen an update in quite some time, and there’s worry it’ll be killed (“post PC era” yada yada). But here’s an interesting article over at Hypercritical (found via JC) making the case for keeping the Mac Pro alive purely as a future-reaching example of what the fastest, best Mac could be. It would be the equivalent of the Corvette or Viper in the car industry (neither of which sell very well).

Ihnatko Switches

March 6, 2013

Long-time Mac guy Andy Ihnatko recently replaced his iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S III running Android. Interesting.