On The Chromebook Pixel

February 21, 2013

Google just announced the Chromebook Pixel. High-resolution touch screen. Backlit keyboard. Glass touchpad. Looks like a MacBook. Okay, intrigued, even if it doesn’t address “gorilla arm.”

On An “iWatch” Patent Filing

February 21, 2013

Yes, I recently noted the futility of placing faith in Apple patents for future products, but this one is too juicy to resist. It describes a “flexible touchscreen display” wrapped around a wrist, and connected to a portable device (iPhone) to show information. Yeah, sounds like an “iWatch.”

Screwy Screws

February 18, 2013

Up until recently, it seems I’ve only encountered a handful (flat, Phillips, Torx) of screw head types. Turns out there’s a crapload more.

On Apple’s Rumored Smart Watch

February 10, 2013

Worth noting that the Apple Smart Watch rumors have hit large, mainstream media, specifically the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Analog DIY Vs. Digital

February 7, 2013

Still buried in pre-move house repairs. So far, it’s been oddly satisfying (odd in that I never thought installing a dryer vent could be so interesting). Thankfully nothing has been super challenging just yet. And there’s so much information out there on the Internet plus other sources who have been through all of this before.