Review: Her

March 30, 2014


Nearing the end of his marriage, lonely Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls for his speech-controlled operating system.

Review: Jobs

March 27, 2014


Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) drifts from college dropout to founder of Apple Computer with friend Steve Wozniak (Josh Gadd).

Review: Cabaret

March 26, 2014



Recently arrived in 1931 Berlin, Brian Roberts (Michael York) becomes friends with neighbor Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli), a singer and dancer in the popular Kit Kat Klub.

Movie Review Format Going Forward

March 25, 2014

Trying to post with some more frequency, and one thing I want to get back into is movie reviews. I’ve still been watching a fair number of newer and older movies, but the previous post format was holding me back.

On Thirteen Years of OS X

March 24, 2014

How time flies: OS X 10.0 shipped thirteen years ago, today.