On Apple’s September 9th Event: iPhone 6, Wearable

September 6, 2014

Yeah, it’s been ages since the last post… have some thoughts on that, later.

But next week is one of them Apple Special Events. And there are some hints that this will be a significant one. There’s a mysterious white building. A countdown. Eddy Cue said this year’s lineup is the best in 25 years. And—although many are loathe to admit it—the iPad was announced four years ago. So next week Tuesday could be day we finally see a post-Steve Jobs product that’s been in the works for literally, years.

On Apple + Beats

May 9, 2014

Sounds like Apple acquiring Beats is a done deal, based on developing traditional media buzz. But file me under “don’t get it.”

On No “Next Big Thing” At WWDC

May 2, 2014

So rumor has it that there won’t be a new Apple TV or iWatch at this year’s WWDC.

More On iPhone 6

April 27, 2014

Latest leaked renders support a super-thin (6mm) iPhone 6, with a larger screen (4.7″).

Mad Men: Time Zones

April 17, 2014


Don visits Megan in California, and Peggy encounters barriers at SC&P [minus D].