On iPad Mini + Retina Display

August 1, 2013

So the Fall iPad Mini either will or won’t have a Retina Display. Really hope it has the former, or I see no point in getting one.

On Chromecast

July 31, 2013

Notable that Google’s Chromecast (HDMI-dongle-AirPlay-thing) contains Android guts from the stalled Google TV.

On The Logitech Harmony Smart Control

July 20, 2013

Water spilled on the venerable Harmony 550 Remote, so I purchased the Logitech Harmony Smart Control as a replacement. Thoughts:

On The Jobs Trailer

June 21, 2013

Argh. Despite the physical resemblance, all I can see during this trailer is Kelso. Despite being predisposed to like the movie because of its subject matter. Rental material…

Apple TV Adds HBO GO, ESPN

June 19, 2013

Apple’s venerable hobby got more content today, with the addition of HBO GO, ESPN, Sky News, Qello, and Crunchyroll.