On Apple Store iPhone Trade-Ins

August 30, 2013

Great idea, as I’ve sold old iPhones while upgrading to the newest model. It’s been pretty straightforward, but always a bit of a hassle dealing with a third party and juggling the timing with getting the new iPhone – pretty painful to be without the primary cell phone for even a few days. I’d much rather visit an Apple Store in-person and get the whole upgrade-sell-old-iphone thing done all at once.

Ballmer Steps Down From Microsoft

August 25, 2013

Personally, the writing on the wall was the infamous “developers” video from 2006. In terms of branding it was then clear that Microsoft was no longer in the hands of an uber geek, but an impulsive ego-driven sales guy.

On The iPhone 5S, 5C

August 20, 2013

Long stretch with no posts to speak of. One of my excuses is that reading / writing on the latest Apple rumors just isn’t what it used to be.

On iPad Mini + Retina Display

August 1, 2013

So the Fall iPad Mini either will or won’t have a Retina Display. Really hope it has the former, or I see no point in getting one.

On Chromecast

July 31, 2013

Notable that Google’s Chromecast (HDMI-dongle-AirPlay-thing) contains Android guts from the stalled Google TV.