Random Google+ Thoughts Two Weeks In

July 17, 2011

Think it’s been about two weeks fiddling with Google+; some thoughts:

Further Lion Prep Results In Boot Camp / Time Machine Education

July 15, 2011

So it’s sort of good Lion didn’t show up Thursday – I spent several hours dealing with Boot Camp and Time Machine, in preparation for Lion, which doesn’t run PowerPC apps, one of which is classic StarCraft.

Netflix Ups Subscription Rates

July 12, 2011

Netflix just announced a new pricing plan that separates DVD rentals and Watch Instantly streaming into different services. Before, you’d pay monthly for unlimited DVD rentals and receive Watch Instantly streaming for free, while now the result is decidedly more expensive since you must subscribe to both services.

Lion Download = No Apple Store Visit :(

July 11, 2011

While excited to install Lion the day it drops (possibly this week; fingers crossed), I became a little sad recently upon the realization that as a software download through the Mac App Store – a visit to an Apple Store proper will no longer be necessary.

Fake Steve Jobs Pitching Green Tea

July 7, 2011

Amusing Taiwanese video for green tea featuring a Fake Steve Keynote: