On The New And Improved Google TV

October 28, 2011

So Google is updating their Google TV service, which runs Android on boxes made by Logitech and Sony. It’s supposed to be better than the previous version, which for all practical purposes was dead on arrival, sold like food at one of those Kitchen Nightmares restaurants before Ramsay arrives (lots of returns).

More Thoughts On An Apple Television

October 27, 2011

After Steve was quoted as saying “I’ve cracked it!” in the Isaacson biography, lots of speculation has continued on an Apple TV proper. The latest addition comes from the New York Times in regards to Siri being a really excellent way to interact with a TV – simply your voice – just say “I want to watch the latest episode of Parenthood” and the TV does the rest.

Netflix: Content, Content, Content

October 24, 2011

Netflix announced earnings today, revealing “significantly more cancellations than anticipated,”┬áresulting in a 25% drop in after hours trading. Most of those lost subscribers are surely due to the price hikes and then confusing DVD streaming split which was canned not soon after its announcement.

Watch Apple’s Steve Jobs Memorial Event

October 24, 2011

Last week Apple held a company-wide memorial event at the Apple campus in Cupertino. It was broadcast to Apple stores so retail employees could participate, and featured musical guests like Norah Jones and Coldplay. And it was closed to the public, with the only glimpse I got was an aerial video showing some huge banners draped over the corporate buildings.

Jobs Bio Hints At A One True Apple TV To Rule Them All

October 21, 2011

Okay… definitely getting ahead of myself before reading the Steve Jobs bio firsthand, but this tidbit is tantalizing enough to comment on – Jobs’ desire to create a dead-simple television.