7″ iPad Mini: Still Skeptical

May 11, 2012

New rumor regarding a 7″ iPad later this year, with a price around $200. Skeptical before, still so now.

On Adobe CS6 As Security Update

May 10, 2012

Actually checked the URL of this Adobe Security Bulletin as it reads like a satire of big tech company spin. But it’s real.

On Yahoo! CEO Resume “Padding”

May 4, 2012

New Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson comes under scrutiny over a computer science degree on his resume that he didn’t receive.

On The Facebook IPO

May 2, 2012

We finally have a firm date for the long-gestating Facebook IPO: May 18. And I haven’t wavered from the earlier opinion that it’s going to be big. Huge. Once a decade type of IPO, the last big one being Google.

Hulu May Require Cable Subscription

April 30, 2012

Yeah it’s Monday. And what a crappy way to start a week. Rumor has it “Hulu free” may vanish and you’ll have to own a cable subscription proper to watch anything. Dunno if this applies to Hulu Plus but I’d bet it does, or the price of Hulu Plus will skyrocket up to something cost-prohibitive plus ten times more ads. And all the time I’ve spent hooking up a computer to the TV or hacking the Apple TV mainly to get some Hulu action increasingly looks like a waste.