Supposed iPhone 5 Case

May 29, 2012

9to5 Mac posts some photos of an alleged iPhone 5 case with a larger screen. These are the first that look legit.

Competition Sans Innovation

May 28, 2012

Yahoo! releases their own browser (Axis, I guess a pun on “Access”), Facebook is supposedly working on their own smartphone, Google a self-branded tablet. They join other “me-too” tech products like Google Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Google TV…

The Screwed-Up Facebook IPO

May 22, 2012

So my thought that the only people who really benefited from the Facebook IPO were the insiders and bankers seems like it may have been completely intentional. According to Henry Blodget over at Clusterstock, those parties were privy to inside, negative earnings information that wasn’t shared with the public at large. So those in the know had a valuation of $32 a share while those not, $40.

On The Meh Facebook IPO

May 21, 2012

So last Friday Facebook went public. And it didn’t perform as well as I had expected. There’s talk that the underwriters ponied up tons of cash to ensure a close barely above the IPO price of $38. And once those props go away, possibly this week, the stock could fall further. Today already, it closed 10% lower at $34.

On Tomorrow’s Facebook IPO

May 17, 2012

Facebook goes public at $38 tomorrow, stock ticker FB.