iPhone App: Gomi

December 27, 2009

Help the rolling and jumping Gomi clean up colorful garbage on colorful worlds.

iPhone App: Alchemize

November 5, 2009

Variation on the “match three falling items” genre, featuring objects that morph into others, making the game progressively harder.

iPhone App: Canabalt

October 20, 2009

Action game based on running, jumping, and… that’s it.

iPhone App: GloBall

October 9, 2009

Roll a ball around various mazes using the iPhone’s accelerometer, hitting objects for points while avoiding others.

iPhone App: Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor

September 5, 2009

= 5 stars Spin webs, catch insects, and explore an abandoned home as a wily, jumping spider. The Good Elegant controls for controlling the spider. Touch the iPhone screen on the left or right to make the spider start crawling along the perimeter of the playing field clockwise or counter clockwise. The perimeter of the [...]