Interesting: InstantShot!

October 8, 2008

InstantShot! is a Mac OS X freeware program that does everything one could expect from a screen capture program and then some. If you find yourself reaching for Apple’s Grab and find it lacking, take the time to download and learn InstantShot! and you’ll never launch Grab again.

Interesting: CandyBar

September 13, 2008

I recently reviewed SuperDocker, a Mac OS X freeware program that lets you change the appearance of the OS X dock using various themes. Reader Mike suggested checking out CandyBar, a shareware program that also allows easy customization of the Dock but is a management solution for all your Mac icons. After a few minutes of using CandyBar, I think it’s a much better program.

Interesting: SuperDocker

September 10, 2008

SuperDocker is a Mac OS X app that customizes your Leopard dock using “themes.” It also tweaks miscellaneous settings for the Finder, Dashboard, and Safari progress bar.

Interesting: Netflix / Roku Box

July 14, 2008

The Netflix / Roku box just arrived, and after a mere half hour of playing with it, I’m blown away. It’s compelling, affordable, and above all, super easy to set up and use. It’s even better than the Apple TV in several ways, and that’s really something coming from me, a clinically diagnosed Apple fan.

Interesting: Human Tetris

July 6, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted much about tech in the past few days – holiday weekend and all. But I will share some ridiculously funny videos that had me laughing uncontrollably a few evenings ago. It’s of some nutty Japanese game show. Basically, contestants must contort their bodies to fit through a hole cut in a huge foam wall headed toward them. If they can’t do it in time, the wall pushes them into a pool of water.