Blog Hiatus

December 19, 2014

After not much activity over the past year or so, it seems time to put the blog into “snow bird” status. The “golden age” of blogging is long behind us, and likewise my better / popular writing. Finding motivation has been increasingly difficult lately, what with external pressures and other platforms with less friction.

Moving forward, I’ll “post” more on Twitter (and the ubiquitous Facebook) about the old standbys: technology (Apple), movies, TV shows, and whatever else I find interesting.

The Analog World

March 9, 2014

Feel a little guilty about the lack of posts here, but there’s a pretty clear excuse: been dealing with several house projects over the past year or so. And I gotta say, it’s all been oddly satisfying. Cutting a few trees down, hauling off yard debris, scattering compost, planning where the garden walls will go, […]

More Year-End Blogging Thoughts

January 1, 2012

One blog I’ve been a long-time reader of (so long that I forget how it originally got there) is Chuqui 3.0, written by Chuq Von Rospach. He recently published an interesting post regarding what he hopes to achieve in 2012 with his blog.

Year-End Blog Assessment (Navel-Gazing)

December 30, 2011

Just got the annual hosting bill and as usual, inspiring a bit of why-am-I-still-blogging navel-gazing.

The Best And Worst Woody Allen Movies

October 25, 2009

After watching all thirty something movies directed by Woody Allen and re-reading the reviews, I finally feel confident enough to present a personal list of best and worst Allen movies.