On Apple TV, Again

March 16, 2014

An “Apple TV Proper” is one of those mythical Apple concepts that refuses to die, and every few months it seems we’re revisiting it only to find not terribly much has changed. Yes, Apple could make a great TV, mostly because owning the whole package would hopefully mean less remotes and confusing menus (supposedly, Steve Jobs “cracked it.”) But as always, the content rights holders continue to “resist” making an Apple TV all it could be.

On Apple CarPlay

March 4, 2014

Not into cars in general, but our decades-old Honda is overdue to be replaced. Thankfully, the recent Apple CarPlay announcement certainly narrows down the choices.

On Demand For The iPhone 5C

January 28, 2014

Apple announced earnings the other day, along with the admission that iPhone 5C sales haven’t lived up to expectations.

On Amazon Prime Instant Video

January 21, 2014

I’ve gotten tons of use out of Amazon Prime over the past two years. But a lesser-known perk is Amazon Instant Video – the Amazon Prime membership adds a significant amount of “free” streaming content. Specifically, a fair amount of stuff that used to be on Netflix but vanished due to the content-streaming wars: HGTV and Food Network programs.

On Google + Nest

January 15, 2014

After moving into our first home about a year ago, I’ve had my eye on Nest products – the “smart” thermostat and smoke detector. Both seemed perfectly targeted to middle-aged Apple fans that want to tech-up their home. The products were a bit on the expensive side, but not prohibitively out of reach, and looked cool – not unlike Apple products. Which makes sense, as Nest’s founder Tony Fadell worked at Apple on the iPod.