On Amazon Fire TV

April 3, 2014

I just ordered the new Amazon Fire TV. Been wanting to get Amazon Prime Instant Video on the TV for quite some time now; it’s one service missing on Apple TV. The Roku devices have Amazon, and I was very close to ordering one, when Amazon made their announcement. I’m also curious about the games and voice control. Both have long been rumored for the Apple TV.

On The Latest iPhone 6 Rumor Renders

March 31, 2014

Most of the time, renders of future Apple products aren’t very convincing. Usually they extrapolate from current designs in obvious ways, or lack the Apple design flair.

On Thirteen Years of OS X

March 24, 2014

How time flies: OS X 10.0 shipped thirteen years ago, today.

Steve Jobs Movie: David Fincher, Christian Bale

March 20, 2014

A while back, it was reported that Aaron Sorkin was writing the screenplay adaptation of the Walter Issacson Steve Jobs biography. Well, probably due to their collaboration on The Social Network, David Fincher is in talks to direct… But only on the condition that Christian Bale play Jobs.

On Time’s Jonathan Ive Interview

March 17, 2014

Personally, the only notable observation in Time‘s Jonathan Ive interview is this:

Since Jobs died, Apple has hit a rough patch, at least by its ludicrously high standards. It has not had a break-out hit. There has been no Apple TV set to revolutionize home entertainment. No spiffy watch.