On No “Next Big Thing” At WWDC

May 2, 2014

So rumor has it that there won’t be a new Apple TV or iWatch at this year’s WWDC.

I understand the latter being saved until fall (and perhaps the Healthbook iOS 8 app will work with iWatch) but I’ve long felt that if apps were to make it into the Apple TV, a WWDC introduction would make sense.

But the larger thought is how long must we wait until the “next big thing” from Apple? Something designed and developed in the post-Jobs era. And has to be a huge hit in order to vindicate Cook as iCEO heir apparent.

The easy answer for the delay, is Apple waits until the product is perfect. But how long has it been since the iPad? Four years? And even then, some would say it was a “giant iPhone” and not that large of a conceptual leap. There’s a point where the gap between brand new products looks less characteristic of Apple during the Jobs era, and more like Microsoft. Microsoft has always made money hand over fist but somewhere, lost the visionary touch. How many years are allowed to pass before that judgement is placed on Apple? Five? Six? Seven?

Anyhow, I’m still hoping that Cook really meant it when he said 2014 would see “big plans” that “customers are going to love.”┬áThe year’s nearly half over (can you believe it) – and I can’t say my wallet is exactly flying open for $899 MacBook Air.

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