On Techies Vs. Everyone Else In The Bay Area

January 25, 2014

I ought to post more on the whole techie-gentirfication-lack-of-housing-bay-area-too-crowded thing, but first a note on an article over at TechCrunch, which asks Google X to “moonshot” a solution to the lack of Bay Area housing.

It’s possible that Google’s driverless car project could be just that project. There’s already speculation that such cars will cause cities to expand, as people may move further out to suburbs and exurbs in the quest for more space, since the undesirable commutes that such neighborhoods entail today, will be less of an issue since you could spend that time reading or clipping toenails.

Give each Google employee their own driverless car, forget the Google Buses. They could live anywhere in the Bay Area and not just on mass-transit routes. While many would still want to live in San Francisco proper, I also think a lot wouldn’t have any problems moving to other parts of the Bay Area if transportation were less of a hassle.