On An “iWatch” Patent Filing

February 21, 2013

Yes, I recently noted the futility of placing faith in Apple patents for future products, but this one is too juicy to resist. It describes a “flexible touchscreen display” wrapped around a wrist, and connected to a portable device (iPhone) to show information. Yeah, sounds like an “iWatch.”

Sounds cool for so many reasons. Transforming hardware (curved, flat, wrapped) makes for a great launch similar to the iPad Smart Cover, swiveling iMac screen or the toilet-seat iBook handle. But unlike the latter’s near-uselessness, a wrist-wrapping display could actually be more efficient than current watches to put on / remove.

The changing screen orientation could be practical, too. You wouldn’t have to hold your arm a certain way like a traditional watch. I’d like to consult the inside of my wrist (easier, try it) rather than the traditional top-of-the-hand position.

The power sounds intriguing with mention of solar and kinetic energy.

And I have a lot of faith that with Apple’s minimalist design sense, it would both look futuristic yet something people would actually want to wear. As opposed to the Google Glass project which seems a bit too nerdy for comfort.

So yeah. iWatch. Bring it on. I can actually forgive Apple for not releasing an Apple TV Proper this year if iWatch comes to pass…

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