Screwy Screws

February 18, 2013

Up until recently, it seems I’ve only encountered a handful (flat, Phillips, Torx) of screw head types. Turns out there’s a crapload more.

Recently ran into several sporting¬†square holes which I now believe are “decking” screws. But they were used all over the basement to hang up shelves and even a few phone jacks.

I can understand different types of screws needed for different materials, but this whole screw head thing is frankly nutty.

I’ll never complain about USB / Firewire / Thunderbolt again…


  1. Mike Solin says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen that Apple is using new types all of the time, too – Pentalobe and Tri-lobe are the newest. The idea is that only certified technicians would have these screwdrivers, so regular people can’t take their own devices apart.

    iFixit sells the right tools, so I don’t think they were completely successful.

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