On Apple’s Rumored Smart Watch

February 10, 2013

Worth noting that the Apple Smart Watch rumors have hit large, mainstream media, specifically the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

I’d be all over a device of this nature (as would long-time readerĀ Rob based on our back and forth comments). My iPhone is with me all the time, but a watch would fix that “last twelve inches” of reaching into a pocket to pull out an iPhone to do the most basic of things like check email, messages, etc. It would also be super useful as an exercise companion.

Also, former Apple employee Bruch Tognazzini mentions an Apple Smart Watch with NFC for payment. Many have assumed that NFC would make its way to an iPhone, but perhaps it would be an easier sell in a Smart Watch. It would be far easier to “swipe” something on your wrist vs. pull an iPhone proper out one’s pocket. I’d love to use my iPhone or Smart Watch for payments, as it would cut down the number of cards being carried, and hopefully paper receipts.

And “easier sell” is an inherent aspect of the Smart Watch itself. Most of us are totally used to wearing a watch and would think nothing odd of it (or someone glancing at their wrist occasionally), versus Google Glass which sound like pushing the envelope too far – either you don’t wear glasses today (raised hand) or would feel self-concious wearing one, or you’d think odd things about people who have a monitor strapped to their heads. Google Glass may be too invasive, while a tiny monitor strapped to someone’s wrist may hit the sweet spot between cutting edge and early-adopter douchebaggery.

Anyhow, I hope the mainstream articles indicate some truth to these rumors, and I hope this product exists and comes to fruition. It’s past time for Apple to make a bold step with a totally new product and a Smart Watch would fit the bill.


  1. Mark Dykeman says:

    Babylon 5 had communicators that adhered to the outside (top) of the hand. Just watched an episode this weekend which reminded me of this. That could be cool. Maybe JMS has the patent sewed up, I don’t know.

  2. Rob O. says:

    “…early-adopter douchebaggery.”

    Love that phrase!!

    Some younger generations have abandoned wearing wristwatches altogether since they always have their smartphone on hand, but I’m too accustomed to wearing a watch. also, I can steal a glimpse at my watch easily and without disruption during a meeting or such. It’s much harder to do so with my iPhone. And poking around on your iPhone during a meeting, meal, or other socials settings may be tolerated, but that doesn’t make it any less rude – and maybe a bit disrespectful.

    So, I do like the idea of either an independent device – like the iPod Nano-turned watch – or even better a wirelessly-tethered that extends my iPhone to a watch-like device. (Of course, ya gotta be mindful of how an active Bluetooth connection impacts your battery life.)

    As you well know, I’m still chapped that Apple thoughtlessly crushed the grassroots Nano watch movement without any apparent immediate plans to replace it with something comparable.

    Letting rumors of some possible smartwatch slip almost a year later doesn’t suffice. They should’ve left the Nano alone until they had the replacement product poised for market.

    • I’m in the camp of abandoning a wristwatch since getting an iPhone, but not so far removed that I could easily revert to wearing a watch if it were useful enough. Totally agree that a watch would reduce the present annoyance of people pulling out their smartphones in public and slighting those around them.

      The power-drain of BlueTooth is worth noting (already notice how my BlueTooth headphones drain power like mad)… I recall an Apple patent using physical movement to charge devices… that’d be cool.

      Yeah if an Apple Smart Watch arrives, the iPod Nano form factor change may be revealed an an early sign. Really think this idea has legs (despite it being strapped to arms).

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