On Netflix’s House Of Cards

February 4, 2013

Just watched the first two episodes of the Netflix-produced series House Of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as a power-mad politician, which¬†debuted last week Friday. It’s notable in that the entire “season” of thirteen episodes were made available from day one.

But the best thing is its overall quality. David Fincher directed the first two episodes, and there’s notable talent (Robin Wright, Kate Mara) in key roles. In a sense, the show is a series of “webisodes” but the production values are comparable to a cable-produced television show. Spacey provides the central gravitas but there’s a large number of surrounding support characters, locations, and subplots that I assumed would have been out of reach for a first series. I assume Netflix invested quite a bit of money in this project, and it shows.

And even if slow-burning, talky political intrigue isn’t your taste – the effort presented here definitely bodes well for the upcoming Arrested Development.

Note: Pretty much every character uses an Apple product – iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone 5 all make cameo appearances.


  1. SpragueD says:

    … they all use Apple and they’re all evil. Mere coincidence..? I think not. :-)