On A 128GB iPad

January 29, 2013

I’ve always bought the iPhone / iPad / Mac with the standard amount of storage, what with the cloud and that I’d likely upgrade in a few years and get a better model with inevitably more space. Right now, my Mac Mini has three TB total which I can’t comprehend filling anytime soon.

But just last night I was trying to dump several episodes of Holmes on Homes onto the iPad (16GB) and ran out of room. Not hard to do with eBooks, several magazine subscriptions, and video files. Sure, I can manage files via iTunes but I did have the thought that the next iPad we get should have more storage.

And here we have a 128 GB iPad.


  1. Rob O. says:

    We have to do the purge & load shuffle too – but our iPad is bogged down with animated movies!

    Love Holmes on Homes! Mike is da bomb!!

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