Have No Idea What’s Going On In Social Anymore

December 30, 2012

Yeah so you may have read a teenager’s thoughts on useful social tech stuff in the post-Facebook era. And it probably goes without saying I now feel totally old and out of it. Not that it really matters anymore, though.

True about Facebook making people feel poorly while using the service. Been using Facebook more lately just to keep in touch with the vast majority on there, but it’s not because it’s fun. It’s become what email used to be.

Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, never heard of them, don’t use them, and at this rate never will. What’s most depressing as an older person is that these services move away from words and to just pictures (Pinterest comes to mind). Even a tweet seems too long… ADD, short attention spans, etc. The next generation doesn’t seem interested in even stringing 140 odd characters together to tweet. So never mind email or blogs – as evidenced by “I don’t read links. I don’t read blogs.”

So the kids are using completely different services from us middle-aged folks, who seem to be caught in the Facebook / blog / Twitter circle, but I now feel closer to the aged relatives who only use email and are just getting their heads around Skype / Face Time.

Think I’ll go delete some feeds from Google Reader to make myself feel a little younger…


  1. Dave says:

    It seems that this is our chance to come up with some simple communication tool that just strings together a jumble of pictograms/hieroglyphics into short, unintelligible pseudo-visual utterances that only teenagers can comprehend. You ready to fund or build it?

  2. SpragueD says:

    FYI the only people who care what 15 year olds think about *anything* are marketers and the Silicon Valley hucksters looking for the New New Thing. If it’s any comfort, by 2030 one out of every 5 people will be over 65. Something tells me few people by then will even remember what Pinterest or Instagram were. Of course, neither will they remember what they had for breakfast that day, but that’s another matter.

    • Well… I can see parents of teens wanting some knowledge of what their kids are doing just to have some small thread of ability to communicate with ‘em.

      Actually that desire to communicate still goes on among myself and the aged relatives, who still cling to their land lines and email. I keep hoping they’d just get on Facebook, get an iDevice / Face Time, or just learn to text.

      By 2030 I just hope the nursing home has WiFi so I can continue ranting “get off my lawn” on this here blog. Which by then will be equivalent of writing letters to Reader’s Digest…

  3. Rob O. says:

    I still subscribe to boatloads of blog RSS feeds, altho I’m a rarity. I work in an IT department and I’ll bet I couldn’t find more than 3 in 50 people who even know what an RSS feed is, much less use them.