On Breaking Bad

December 17, 2012

Recently checked out Breaking Bad, a show I’d meant to watch for quite some time. Hooked from the first episode, I blew through the first four seasons fairly quickly (Netflix watch instantly again, proves its worth) and season five’s first half via iTunes.¬†Watching an entire series in such a small frame of time may have put things in a different perspective:

The Good

The Bad

And since the show as of this writing isn’t over, some thoughts on where it goes from here:


  1. Dave says:

    Whoa, you really blew through the series!!!

    One small typo I think you meant to refer to the lawyer as Sol Goodman (not as Gus) :-)

    One thing I love about the series is how it can be dark and tense and yet still manage to insert ridiculously funny humorous moments into the program. Each season is peppered with a few of these.

    Also amazed at how well the series manages to top itself each season. I haven’t seen another series where each season is not only top notch but better than the one that preceded it.

    • Yeah, each season (and each episode) definitely topped the previous one, which was a big reason why I ended up watching the whole thing so quickly – couldn’t stop! In retrospect, think the only episode I wasn’t too into was the one with the Walt and Jesse trying to get rid of a fly buzzing around their underground lab.

      The swings from thriller to comedy is definitely entertaining – one good moment was when Walter bursts out laughing after discovering his wife gave away a pile of his money hidden in the crawl space. I also found that Tuco dude super funny, particularly when he would snort samples and get amped. Lastly, Jesse and his crew are always funny with their “yo” and “bitch” in every sentence. Although Jesse has gotten a lot more somber and pensive lately.

      Can’t wait to see how this show ends.