Yeah, It Never Gets Better

July 7, 2012

Amusing article by Matt Buchanan over at BuzzFeed. But read a certain way, indicates why the mythical Apple TV Proper may never arrive.

Google TV strikes me as one of those products that “never gets better” (yes, even after this year’s update). Whenever you gripe about its failings (particularly on Google +), be it the UI, lack of content offerings, or interoperability with your other devices, someone retorts “well, just wait until some point in the future when [x happens] it’ll be a killer device!” But from the reviews I’ve read, it hasn’t, you’d think there’d be a point where the silliness of forever waiting overcomes the desire for ooh, shiny.

What “I’ll be better in the future” represents, really, is a leap of faith. And outside of early adopter fanboys, that line of thinking just doesn’t fly. Products really should work as advertised from day one, or it’s simply a waste of time and money. It seems like only in the tech world – because of our fascination with small, plucky startups, or fervent belief in fast iteration – people are so forgiving of half-assed products.

Anyhow, Apple focus on product first means they doesn’t release products until they’re ready. And the continual referral to Apple TV as a “hobby” is coded acknowledgement that the current Apple TV isn’t as good as it could be. Most of that is due to its lack of content options – average consumers expect any show they can think of to be available. But currently, that simply isn’t the case. To pretend otherwise would result in: “it’ll get better in the future.”

So if Apple has to reassure consumers that “it’ll get better” with an Apple TV Proper – I feel they won’t release that product at all – because they won’t want to say those words.