On Tim Cook At D10

May 30, 2012

Tim Cook had a public interview at the D10 tech conference. I won’t rehash everything said, but what I think was most significant was Apple’s social strategy, or lack of, and the potential of working with Facebook.

I’m in the camp that has long believed Apple was smart to not try to build its own social network or blowing some of that hard-earned cash and purchasing one. They’ve excelled by carefully choosing what businesses to get into and only entering the ones they have a good chance of dominating – and whole social networking Web 2.0 thing has already been won by Facebook with Twitter a far second.

So I’ve believed for quite some time that Apple would eventually work directly with Facebook, integrating it into iOS and OS X as a service, much as it has done with Twitter. Something was rumored to be in the works last year, but scuttled due of “onerous terms.” But both companies have a shared rival in Google. Plus, Facebook was one of the few companies Steve Jobs spoke of favorably in the Isaacson bio.

The prospect of a partnership between Apple and Facebook is significant enough that I listed it as #7 on my checklist of Apple getting to $1000. Cook’s concise two words “stay tuned” have me hopeful that it’ll come to pass.¬†Even if #9 on that same list didn’t.

Oh, and Apple can go ahead and kill Ping, too.