Supposed iPhone 5 Case

May 29, 2012

9to5 Mac posts some photos of an alleged iPhone 5 case with a larger screen. These are the first that look legit.

The new case essentially looks like a taller iPhone 4 with the screen widened to get as close to the device edge as possible. And supports the earlier rumor of 640 x 1136. Also notable are a metal back (I still worry about cracking the glass iPhone 4 one) and a smaller dock connector (what does this mean for all our iPhone accessories?).

I also hold some small, tiny hope that the appearance of a new case at this juncture = iPhone 5 launch this summer. But with practically everything else (Macs, iOS 6, Mountain Lion) arriving as soon as WWDC within weeks that’s looking like a pipe dream.

Well, will settle for drooling over photos like these.