Hulu May Require Cable Subscription

April 30, 2012

Yeah it’s Monday. And what a crappy way to start a week. Rumor has it “Hulu free” may vanish and you’ll have to own a cable subscription proper to watch anything. Dunno if this applies to Hulu Plus but I’d bet it does, or the price of Hulu Plus will skyrocket up to something cost-prohibitive plus ten times more ads. And all the time I’ve spent hooking up a computer to the TV or hacking the Apple TV mainly to get some Hulu action increasingly looks like a waste.

Oh, maybe the path of least resistance is to just call up Comcast, wave the white flag, put on those cable package handcuffs, get a DVR and be done with it. But this is becoming a battle of principle, not just shows to watch. Some companies need to learn the lesson that making customers pay for things they don’t want in order to get what they do is just dumb. I’m not gonna pay over a thousand dollars a year just just so I can watch two or three shows on my computer. It’s as stupid as paying for a print magazine subscription in order to get the iPad version.

With Hulu about to eat it and Netflix increasingly a lost cause, maybe Apple is our only hope. I’ll put my money where my mouth is and buy more shows via iTunes (as I have with Mad Men), and use the ever-living crap out of video AirPlay from the iPad and the upcoming Mountain Lion. And pray that there’s some truth to Apple landing some content deals for the mythical Apple TV proper. Oh, and buy one of these things.