Even More Apple TV Rumors

February 7, 2012

The Canadian Globe and Mail floats more speculation around an Apple TV proper, now code-named “iTV“. Canadian carriers have possession of secret prototypes, and the TV is controlled by Siri and hand gestures, resulting in a “Minority Report” style experience.

First, Siri and hand gesture control would do a great deal toward my present annoyance with too many boxes and remotes to control them. But my ultimate usability test will be the spouse – I look forward to visiting the Apple Store and plopping her before one of these manifestations of Steve Jobs’ final wishes… if she can figure out how to use this iTV with hand gestures or whatever within a minute or so, I’m sold.

Second, the whole “Minority Report” / Siri might put this device into an iPad-like strategy, where the device comes first and is so cool that the content holders feel the need to provide content for it, via apps, licensing agreements with Apple, etc. This device-first approach might be Apple’s only available strategy toward breaking the cable / reluctant studio stranglehold, anyhow.

Lastly, collaboration with cable companies implies that the TV may act as cable box, too. That would be such a huge coup on Apple’s part, I don’t believe it’s possible. But consider how through the iPhone, Apple already has relationships with AT&T and Verizon here in the states, both of whom provide cable services. Hmmm.

Anyhow – rather pointless to continue speculating about speculation, but at least the stock continues to benefit from the nonsense.