Tech Notes: Apple Store Mystery

May 18, 2011

Something’s up at Apple Stores nationwide, what with the 10th anniversary of retail stores Thursday. This coming weekend is supposedly blocked off for top secret meetings and set up.

Whatever is going on, no press event implies no new product. So that makes an iPhone 5, Apple TV, iMac Air, Apple Gaming System, 10th Retail Store Anniversary Mac, whatever else you can dream up – unlikely. This also discounts a new service or software like “iCloud” or MobileMe revamp.

I don’t think Apple would install NFC terminals before announcing an iPhone with NFC, and likewise a new Apple TV with app support would require developers, and that sort of platform may be announced at WWDC.

More likely is a product update, say the plastic MacBook, Mac Pros, the Mac Mini, or the MacBook Air. I personally would welcome improvements to the venerable $999 white, plastic MacBook.

Still, I’ll err on the side of caution and predict a huge Apple Retail promotion, perhaps only groundbreaking in its generosity (buy an iPad, get a free Smart Cover, buy a Mac, get a free iPod, big prizes, etc.).

Of course if a press event announcement arrives the next few days, expectations will shift accordingly.