On iPad 3 In Fall

February 10, 2011

Some mumbling that iPad 3 will debut this fall (not soon after iPad 2, which hasn’t even announced yet but will most likely drop this spring).

Sounds a bit odd, but consider the iPod Touch, which for the past few years has tailed the iPhone by a few months, taking on its features to where people consider it an iPhone without a cell connection. Perhaps positioning the iPad after the annual debut of the new iPhone indicates the same strategy.

Meaning, iPad 2 shows up this spring, with a front-facing camera and FaceTime. But then iPhone 5 appears in the summer, with features we can only guess at. But perhaps there’s something cool enough that people want it in the iPad (or iPod Touch) sooner than later.¬†Right now, a spring iPad means waiting nearly a year for any new iPhone¬†accouterments.

So my two cents: look for a really cool feature in iPhone 5 that makes you say “I wish that were in the iPad.” That personally would be a huge indicator of iPad 3 in fall.

And what might this feature be? I’d guess NFC interconnectedness across several Apple products.