Verizon Event, Next Week Tuesday

January 7, 2011

Verizon just announced a special event next week Tuesday. Right after CES, and my gut feeling is this will, at long last, concern an iPhone on Verizon.

Evidence for: limited vacation time for Apple retail employees during January / February, Apple won’t let CES or MacWorld pass without announcing something, and AT&T has been acting a little shifty in the past six months (raising their contract termination fee, lowering the price of iPhone 3GS) as if a competitor will soon arrive.

I don’t think a Verizon iPhone will ignite a wave of AT&T abandonment. The contract termination fee will dissuade many, but additionally the Verizon iPhone will likely be functionally identical to the current iPhone 4.¬†For new features, we’ll have to wait until iPhone 5 in the summer. If this next-gen phone debuts on both carriers, the real switching might commence.

(This Verizon iPhone essentially being an iPhone 4 may be why Apple’s okay with Verizon handling the announcement. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jobs appearing on a special phone call during the event.)

Anyhow, fingers crossed for a Verizon iPhone next week. I won’t be getting one – but the spouse probably will. I hope FaceTime is carrier-agnostic.

Note: Still skeptical? Wall Street Journal article, co-authored by notable Apple reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane.