Android Is Knocking On Our Door. Help, Apple

December 30, 2010

Hard to ignore the momentum of Android smart phones. And that wave is literally crashing on my doorstep. The spouse keeps voicing interest in an Android phone.

Reasoning is pretty sound. She’s on Verizon, and talks much more on the phone than I do, therefore reception is a must – particularly in the confines of our apartment which still has crappy AT&T coverage. She’s unwilling to switch to AT&T just for the iPhone.┬áHer current contract ends after December.

Ever since the iPhone 4 came out, I’ve been saying: wait. At least through January when Apple will probably announce the infamous Verizon iPhone. I’m still pumping the ecosystem, shared apps thing but those arguments are failing vs. the prospect of a Verizon smart phone – that can be relied on to make phone calls.

I can probably stave off the Android invasion until February. A Verizon iPhone would make a swell Valentine’s Day present.

But if there’s no Verizon iPhone by then… Hello, Android, I suppose.


  1. Louis Gray says:

    Amusingly, there are ads on this blog for the Nexus S from Google.

    Here’s my thinking – either choice is just fine. Whatever makes either of you happy and more comfortable and more productive is the right choice. Anybody who tells you that it’s 100% one way or another has blinders on. I will say I was surprised to how good Android was after years of iPhone, and now, I can’t imagine going back, even if I try really hard to like the latest from Apple.

    If Verizon is more important than the OS, then a ViPhone should be just fine. But there’s a lot of great stuff happening on the Android side. I’d encourage you to go to a Sprint store or Best Buy or somewhere and try out the good ones. :)

    • Sounds about right, spouse wouldn’t be happy with an iPhone on AT&T that can’t reliably make calls no matter how cool the apps or the user experience is.

      I’ve fiddled with a few Android phones over the past few months and certainly wouldn’t mind having one myself, but the investment in terms of apps and all the other Mac stuff means I’m not likely to switch. So perhaps the spouse getting one would be the best of both worlds, and we could really compare the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

      Anyhow, the ball is in Apple’s court. If they announce a Verizon iPhone I’ll likely be able to sway her to keeping our household Apple-y.