What Hulu Plus Should Be

October 22, 2010

Rumor has it Hulu Plus is considering a price cut to $4.95 a month. This wouldn’t surprise me, as the roughly $10 a month never feel right.

The main reason is the inevitable Netflix comparison, where you get an increasingly large Watch Instantly library plus unlimited disc rentals for roughly the same price. Content wise, much better deal.

The second reason: Hulu Plus is required for an iPhone / iPad, yet doesn’t actually have the same content as Hulu “free” on a computer. The content differences are confusing; Hulu Plus has no MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen, both of which appear in Hulu “free.” It’s no fun having to remember what content is available where. Where I want to watch content shouldn’t make any difference, especially if I’m paying a subscription fee.

Again, Netflix is how this should work. Watch Instantly content is the same whether you’re on a computer, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS3, DVD player, etc. Netflix even remembers where you left off across devices so you can resume where you left off regardless of your device.

If the content were the same across platforms, Hulu at $4.95 / month sounds fair. I wouldn’t even care if the TV shows kept their interstitial advertising. But lowering the price without solving this content-confusion problem won’t be enough as far as this viewer is concerned.