Hoping For A Concrete Fix At The iPhone 4 Press Conference

July 14, 2010

So Apple announced a Friday press conference regarding the iPhone 4. The implication is something regarding the continuing antenna issue, which has hit the mainstream media in a big way, reaching Consumer Reports and even affecting Apple’s stock price.

Personally I hope Apple has a concrete fix in the works. The most obvious would be free plastic bumpers for all. Even Consumer Reports admitted that using a plastic bumper resolves the antenna issue. But I hope Apple has gone further, to adjusting the current design somewhat in manufacturing, either adjusting the hardware antenna itself or putting a transparent plastic coating on the metal. This fix would obviously be present in all newly sold iPhone 4s going forward, with an option for current, early-adopter owners to swap out their hardware for free.

Therefore, I hope a full-blown, mandatory product recall will prove unnecessary – after all, this isn’t a safety issue we’re dealing with. Maybe Apple can split the difference by offering the fix as optional to current owners. I’d say it’s a safe bet many current iPhone 4 users who aren’t experiencing any reception problems, wouldn’t even bother with it.

Anyhow this press conference will prove interesting. Maybe Steve Jobs himself will make a special appearance to demonstrate once and for all the proper way to hold iPhone 4. Just kidding.