Steve Jobs Spars With Gawker Writer, Advantage: Jobs

May 15, 2010

Ryan Tate, writer of Gawker, whom I have never heard of before, claims to have had an email back and forth with Mr. Jobs. If true, I think Jobs won this one.

Ryan Tate:

“I’d rather have a Wired magazine app that has some interactivity than one that is a glorified PDF.”

“It’s a miracle anyone within Conde Nast wants to do more than a straight reproduction of the mag… they have zero internet ambition at the corporate level.”

Tell Wired to get their act together and develop a proper iPhone app. This is exactly why magazines and newspapers are going under. The iPad is here, an open glass ready to be filled with content that people will pay for, and many publishers aren’t taking advantage of it. That’s the publisher’s fault, and yes, we’ve seen this movie before (eyeballs moving to the Internet). Frozen with fear and ineptitude, they’ll likely miss this golden opportunity (the shift from websites to apps) just like before.

Am still waiting for a San Francisco Chronicle or a Wired app and will pay good money for it. From my point of view (the iPad customer), I literally have dollar bills hanging out of my iTunes account, for any app developer with a half-interesting app (sadly paid for this just the other day). Why publishers are so slow to grab these dollars is frankly, head-scratchingly embarrassing.

I’ve already cancelled subscriptions to many magazines. Apple’s moving ahead, so are the customers. The publishers in the lead will reap all the benefits.

Steve Jobs:

“By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?”

Proof for me is voting with one’s wallet. How much would I pay to read a Gawker article? $0.00. Meanwhile, thousands go directly to Cupertino annually.

And some final thoughts regarding the whole claimed subject of this thread: “Revolution” – sure, some advertising hyperbole, but 1) all tech companies do this and 2) at least when it’s coming from Apple, there’s some semblance truth backing up the claims. What other tech company is pushing the envelope like Apple these days? IMHO, the only company coming even within a stone’s throw of “revolution” is Apple with their iPad.

I’d sooner take Apple’s straightforward ad, showing a product in use with a voice over, and one exaggerated claim of “revolution” – than any amount of this high-concept nonsense:


  1. C says:

    Your overly overt positive attitude toward everything Apple is a turn off. There’s generally enough of that within comments on anything concerning Apple.

    As though everyone should instantly make an app for the iPad as though they have 1 Billion iPads sold. . . equaling the current stat of PCs. Get a grip and realize that making companies reproduce information specifically for a single device is overly costly for the companies, and Apple is the one with the excessive hype, exaggerations, blatant lies, etc. . . come back to reality. . .

    Goodbye. . . will no longer be subscribing to this site.

    • Webomatica says:

      Dude, I own tons of Mac products, review iPhone and iPad apps. If you don’t take that as a sign I have a *slight* Apple bias, you haven’t been a long time reader.

      If anything, the increased Apple bias in the past year is a direct result of lack of interesting products and innovation on the part of just about everyone else in the tech industry. If more companies made cool products, I’d write about them. Should I write about the JooJoo? The non-existent Microsoft Courier? The Palm Pre? Please.

      Ultimately, I just write about what I find interesting. I’m certainly not going to start writing about stuff I don’t care about or don’t agree with just to please readers who have never commented on this site before.