iPad App: Crosswords

April 18, 2010


5 stars = 5 stars


Do all the crosswords you can handle with this iPad app.

The good


The Bad


The iPhone version of Crosswords is my “killer app” that keeps me from moving to another smart phone, and the iPad version is no different in regards. In my review of the iPhone version, the only negative was “the small screen ocasionally feels rather cramped.” The iPad’s larger screen effectively obliterates that problem. Highly recommended.

iTunes App Store Link: Crosswords – Stand Alone, Inc.


  1. So this offers quality puzzles from proper publications, with more added every day? Thats pretty good…but also seems hard to believe.

  2. Timmargh says:

    This is a great app and one which I already have for my iPhone. Now it’s another reason to get me an iPad, not that I needed one.

    I just wish I was as good at crosswords as my dad was!

    • well, don’t really need an iPad either, but this app is certainly fun justification. And based on the number of crosswords completed and my completion times in comparisons to others – am not that good at crosswords either…

  3. how neat, how many of us remember having to fly on a plane only to have your pen fall under the seat right when you have your word discovered. Ipad is a solid product, great post im getting this…. cheers all