iPhone App: Dropbox

January 24, 2010


5 stars = 5 stars


Sync files between computers, online, and view them on your iPhone.

The Good

The Bad


Feature wise, the free DropBox is similar to iDisk which requires a $99 annual MobileMe subscription, plus its ease of use nearly out-Apples Apple. With small files, I’m already using Dropbox instead of iDisk or trying to figure out some way to shoehorn them into iTunes. Highly recommended.

iTunes App Store Link: Dropbox – Dropbox


  1. Mike says:

    I love Dropbox! Believe it or not, it's just as simple on Windows, too.

    Once selective sync arrives, I'll be able to install it at work again (without the whole Dropbox being transferred to my work machine). LAN sync has sped things up here, given that I've got a laptop and a desktop.

    I haven't used the iPhone app much, though I'm sure it'll be handy exactly when I need to use it.

  2. webomatica says:

    Yeah I remember your recommendation of dropbox from way back when. Am
    already using it regularly.