iSlate, iGuide… Prepare For Blood Curdling

December 29, 2009

More speculation on the Apple Tablet, an unannounced product, but nonetheless, possible names are being bandied about: iSlate, and now iGuide.

These are silly names. “iSlate” – well I think of the Flintstones, some rock tablet that you scribble on with a live bird’s beak. And if my memory serves correctly, Fred’s annoying boss was named Mr. Slate. I expect to be slammed over the head with an iSlate.

“iGuide” – well unfortunately there, that reminds one of the obsolete television / bathroom reading TV Guide, or those tourist brochures that Muni F riders cling to while nervously venturing a few yards away from Fisherman’s Wharf. Not very futuristic there, either.

But there seems to be a recent trend of silly names for Mac products. It started with the “Mighty Mouse” (cartoons again), then the “Time Capsule,” “Time Machine,” and the groaner “Magic Mouse.” I’d also suggest the “iPhone 3GS” demonstrates a lack of imagination (please, let’s not return to the days of the Performa and I’m old enough to remember the Apple IIgs). All great products but those names… silly.

So based on this recent trend – it would not surprise me if the Apple Tablet has a silly name. Already preparing for the ridiculousness of “iSlate,” but how about “Magic Slate,” “Amazing Tablet,” or “WonderBook.” Groan.

And the reason? More pure speculation, but one could put two and two together:

Cult of Mac:

“Jobs said he was betting the company on [the iMac] and so it needed a great name. He suggested one at the meeting, Segall says, but it was terrible. It would “curdle your blood.” Segall declined to say what Jobs wanted to call it.”

Wall Street Journal:

“Those working on the project are under intense scrutiny from Mr. Jobs, particularly with regard to the product’s advertising and marketing strategy, said one of these people. The people familiar with the matter declined to give details on the tablet or disclose when the device would come out.”

Prepare for blood-curdling come January 26. “Magic Tablet Slate” – groan.


  1. jcieplinski says:

    I remember thinking that iPhone was too unimaginative. But I got used to it, and it sort of has a okay sound to it now.

    I still hate MacBook Pro. So awkward compared to PowerBook. And don't get me started on MobileMe.

    I don't think Apple has had a good name for anything since iPod. iPod is the only “i” name I've ever liked.

    I'd love to see them break the “i” trend completely and come up with something completely fresh. Then again, I'd also like Apple to change the startup sound every couple of years, like they used to. The marketers won't let either happen, though.

    Whatever they call it, I'm starting to get really psyched about it. Depending on how powerful this thing really is, I may just switch from laptop/iPhone to iMac/tablet/iPhone. Can't believe I'm considering not owning a laptop for the first time since '96.

  2. webomatica says:

    Oh yeah, MobileMe is another silly one. And I just remembered “Airport
    Extreme” as slightly odd. Seems Apple naming was much simpler when they were
    limited to the 4 square product matrix. iMac, iBook, MacBook Pro.

    But likewise, am psyched for this product. Am glad my MacBook didn't
    completely die a few months back, because I would have bought a replacement
    MacBook, and hence less fundage for whatever is announced. Will also forgo
    an Apple laptop – recent time with just an iPhone convinced me that it would
    be possible.

    I hope Apple goes with a straightforward name like the “Apple Tablet”
    (there's an Apple TV as some precedent) – but it could be named the “iSlate
    Extreme” and I'd still buy one.

  3. Mike says:

    iSlate sounds pretty crappy. Simply 'Slate' might be cool, but that reminds me of the online magazine.

    I've got a feeling they could tack on 'MacBook' like they did with the MacBook Air. MacBook Slate? MacBook Tablet? MacBook Touch?

    That last sounds most realistic, actually.

  4. webomatica says:

    Hmmm, well to add to that thought – right now there is only one MacBook.
    There are several MacBook Pros.

    If there is a tablet that runs full OS X – MacBook Touch would be a great

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  6. DaveD says:

    If you really think about it, the name “MacIntosh” sounded pretty dumb too. No – make that *very* dumb. What? The next computer might have been named “Delicious” or “Granny”?

    (But nowadays a computer named “Green” would probably be a big hit!)

  7. webomatica says:

    Ok. You win. MacIntosh… that's pretty strange. But it was a type of Apple.
    And wait a second… naming a tech company after a fruit was pretty strange
    also … and we all know who was responsible for that.

    Now I am realizing this whole silly Apple name thing began at the very

  8. tiendaerotica says:

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