iPhone App: Kindle

March 4, 2009


5 stars = 5 stars


Kindle for iPhone makes Amazon’s eBook Kindle content available for reading on the iPhone. 240,000 books are currently available for purchase.

The Good

The Bad


I’m impressed by Kindle for the iPhone. In one move, they have just added millions of iPhone users to their Kindle user base to which they can now turn to publishers and use as justification for more Kindle content.

There will surely be some complaints from Kindle lovers that this Kindle app will cannibalize purchasers of Kindle devices proper. I’m not in this category. I haven’t been interested in the Kindle hardware (too expensive at $350). But through this app, I’ve already purchased content from Amazon that I wouldn’t have just a few days ago. And if in the future Amazon releases a Kindle “3″ that is even more compelling / cheaper, all the content I have read on the iPhone can be transferred to that device. So I see this Kindle app as basically a taster / demo of the Kindle concept, and should be a big positive. Even if people don’t buy a Kindle proper, they’ll make money off content sales.

Just as Netflix developed Watch Instantly to get people off of physical DVDs and into content delivered over the Internet, Amazon is making similar moves to prepare for a world where we don’t only have physical books but instead digital ones. This future seems inevitable, but it’s up in the air exactly which companies will be the gatekeepers. This Kindle app is yet another statement by Amazon that it wants to be there in a big way.

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