Battlestar Galactica: Blood On The Scales

February 8, 2009

Season 4, Episode 14

Battlestar Galactica: Blood On The Scales

Disclaimer: Spoilers! The posts covering the last ten episodes will undoubtedly be full of spoilers and are intended for discussion after watching the associated episode. If you’re not up to speed, look away now.


Admiral Adama and Tigh are pulled from the docking bay and captured. A last-minute hesitation by a viper the pilot allows the raptor with Roslin and Baltar aboard to land on the Cylon basestar.

The Cylons – along with Tory – are confused by the revolt and want to jump away. Roslin decides to move the basestar to the middle of the fleet where they can’t be fired upon, lending Adama time to fix things.

Zarek arrives on Galactica via the Colonial One. Roslin tries to broadcast to the fleet, but her signal is jammed. Gaeta plans a trial for Adama with the charges of treason for collaborating with the enemy. Romo Lampkin is brought in to defend a colorfully defiant Adama. Meanwhile, Chief sneaks into an air duct.

Zarek tells the Quorum that Gaeta is now in charge. They asks Zarek to leave, indicating their disapproval of the coup. As Zarek leaves, he orders two marines to slaughter the Quorum.

Gaeta angrily says things have gone too far. Zarek says the truth is defined by who is left standing.

Chief emerges from an airlock and is captured by Lieutenant Kelly. After some contemplation, Kelly has a change of heart and lets Chief escape.

Starbuck and Lee continue sneaking through the Galactica, picking off marines and stealing their weapons. They free Tigh and the others from the brig. As they escape, Anders is shot.

With Zarek acting as judge, Adama is found guilty and sentenced to death. They hear a broadcast from Roslin break through, telling the fleet to shut down their FTL drives. One of the Leoben models helped Roslin get through the jamming.

As Romo Lampkin is escorted from the trial, he escapes and kills his escort with a pen. Starbuck asks him to help get Anders to Doc Cottle.

Gaeta orders Narcho to execute Adama. Lee, Tigh, and Sharon run into Kelly and learn the location of the execution.

Baltar has a dream where he sees Adama executed in cold blood. He awakens to find himself in the bed of (yet another) six model.

Roslin orders the Galactica to surrender. Gaeta calls Narcho telling him to carry out the execution. A heavily armed Tigh, Sharon, Lee, and Kelly arrive just in time to free Adama. Adama vows to take back his ship.

Zarek tells Roslin that Tigh and Adama are both dead. She goes on a tirade and moves the basestar to attack the Galactica. Meanwhile, Chief has reached the engine room where he disables the FTL drive. Gaeta realizes the revolution is falling apart, and freezes in place. Zarek yells at him to attack the basestar. Adama and a heavily armed group arrive on the bridge, ending the coup.

Meanwhile, Chief looks at the engine room wall to see some odd scarring in the metal.

Baltar shares a cigar with Gaeta, who reminisces about his life and wanting to be noticed. He hopes people will remember him. Baltar says “I know who you are,” with tears in his eyes.

Gaeta and Zarek are executed.


Frakking awesome episode. Good parts: more major characters met their end – Zarek and Gaeta, and the entire Quorum of Twelve. Also awesome: Admiral Adama got pissed and tosses of chuckle-inducing lines. I also enjoyed the return of Romo Lampkin, and Roslin’s freak out.

Through his cold-blooded execution of the Quorum, Zarek leaves the series as essentially a cold-blooded killer, which returns us back to his roots as a terrorist paying for his crimes. The death of the Quorum planted doubt in Gaeta’s mind which may have resulted in Gaeta’s later hesitation on the bridge. I think the bigger reason why the coup failed was Gaeta’s desire to do the “right thing.” The mock trial was a waste of time which gave Lee, Starbuck, and Chief the opportunity to turn the tables. In direct contrast, Adama showed absolutely no hesitation in executing both Zarek and Gaeta.

And the scarring in the metal? Perhaps something Cylony got aboard the ship way back when: Ellen’s initial, mysterious introduction and that strange, jumping raider. Something hiding aboard the ship could explain Tigh hearing music in the hull.

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