Apple TV: Nuked Before Reaching Earth

February 5, 2009

BSG trip

Apple really needs to do something about the Apple TV.

Watching Battlestar Galactica on my Apple TV via iTunes has been a dream of mine for literally, over a year. This dream was thwarted last year by NBC pulling out of iTunes, killing the delivery of the first half of season 4.

But last year NBC returned to the iTunes Store, along with it Battlestar Galactica, and I was all set to pony up for these last ten episodes.

Then suddenly, out of left field, came Boxee. Boxee has Hulu, which is streaming Battlestar Galactica for free. I’ve installed Boxee on my Apple TV. Then add in the kicker: the last three episodes showed up on Hulu several hours before the iTunes Store.

So in the Hulu / Boxee camp, we have: free, lower quality, a few ads, and earlier availability.

In the iTunes Store camp we have: $1.99, better quality, no ads, and later availability.

For the past three weeks, I have found myself going with Hulu / Boxee – mostly because of that last point. And the biggest irony of all? I’m using my Apple TV to watch these episodes, via Boxee, circumventing Apple’s delivery method of the iTunes Store.

I see several things Apple needs to fix here, and I’m sure you do, too. Here’s hoping there’s a new version of this hobby coming soon.