Random Stuff: Screen Recursion, Headset Hotties, Christian Bale

February 4, 2009

Revising my formerly active “link sharing” category, renamed “Random Stuff” containing particularly entertaining content that I’d like to share, none of which is worthy of a full post. It will also pull heavily from my Google Reader Shared Items list so I can clear stuff out of there. The content will ideally pull from the odd overlap of technology and entertainment that this blog is supposed to be about. I hope to make this a weekly (Wednesday) feature.

Screen Recursion

Probably due to the aforementioned cold medication I shared the screen of my MacMini from the MacBook and then decided to see what my MacBook screen then looked like from the MacMini. The result was an initially forbidding tunnel that at first I thought my Mac would explode, but thankfully the OS X team is smarter than that.


What’s kind of funny: any activity you make on the first screen cascades down the smaller ones with a slight delay, so you’re sort of going back in time.

Of course I am not the first person to do this. Also see this video.

Headset Hotties

I can only explain this to being really bored and looking to the oddest things for inspiration. The blog Headset Hotties is dedicated to those little heads of eye-candy that spice up the call center information on many a website.


I’d just add that the Macintosh reseller ads in many a Mac magazine are notorious for this stuff, MacMall in particular. 

Angry Chrisitan Bale

You can listen to Christan Bale getting pissed at a Director of Photography walking into the background of a scene he was trying to film for Terminator: Salvation. While the F-bombs are funny enough, I got more amusement trying to imagine what exactly the visuals of this scene were. Was there some post-apocalyptic set with grim Terminator bones scattered around, and then this dude in a baseball cap and Bermuda shorts wanders into the background (I say Bermuda shorts because it would be funnier).

But of course, someone decided to set the meme-y tirade to musicSomeone else decided to shove it through Microsoft SongsmithAnd another person created a Christian Bale soundboardOh, and a T-shirt. Wait, I thought Terminator was supposed to be the new franchise?

Dolph Lundgren’s Back

I’m trying hard to not remember the movie’s name because I don’t want to even entertain the thought that I would see it. But it seems, since Sylvester Stallone made a big comeback with Rocky and Rambo movies nobody thought were good ideas at the time, someone thought a new Dolph Lundgren (who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV) would be a good idea – or  a currently bad idea that will hopefully turn good once the movie is a hit. The Mr. T. vehicle must be in the works.

Anyhow the trailer lays out the story – Dolph is a drummer in a rock band and at some point in the movie, a concert turns into “Die Hard” with hostages and gun play. The awesomeness thing about the trailer? Cowbell.

The movie that I am actually looking forward to that has Dolph Lundgren in it is the next Sylvester Stallone flick The Expendables, which sounds so brain-dead ridiculous it should be awesome. After all, these 80s action heroes are nothing but “expendable.”

Enterprise vs. Galactica

These nerd battles amuse me. Analysis of weaponry aside, I think the Enterprise would win for one big reason: morale. The crew of the Enterprise is far more unified, plus healthier, while the Galactica crew are on the verge of mutiny and running low on supplies of all kinds. Lastly in true Trek tradition I am sure Kirk and a landing party could easily teleport over to Galactica, switch Tigh’s sauce with Romulan ale, screwing everything up, and then teleport back before the first vipers could launch.

The battle of alternate universes has a long history should you choose to dive down that rabbit hole. Nerds have contemplated Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Please don’t think about this subject too hard, or you’ll spend the next several months making videos like this:

25 Incredibly Geeky T-Shirts

For the nerd in your life that can’t be bothered to go clothes-shopping. I think #1 would come in handy. I am sick of being asked to fix email and explain why Spider Solitare vanished from the desktop. Web design != IT. Wait, that’s too geeky. #1 is much better.


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    Wooow! the battle between Star Trek and.Galactica soo awesome! Thanks for sharing this video