MacWorld Keynote On FriendFeed, Via VentureBeat

January 5, 2009

A series of technologies have converged to create what should be a really cool nerd-o-rama tomorrow.

Here’s the link to the FriendFeed room: VentureBeat’s MacWorld 2009 Keynote Live Coverage.

If you aren’t a FriendFeed member you can check out the stream via a nifty embed over at VentureBeat.

This will be a neat demonstration of FriendFeed’s live stream feature with an event that would take down lesser sites. I’ll probably end up with several browser windows open – but one of them will definitely be to the FriendFeed room. See you there tomorrow morning…


  1. MG Siegler says:

    Thanks for mentioning it Jason. Seems like this new real-time feature will be perfect for the event.

  2. webomatica says:

    No problem, I'm looking forward to getting updates from the FF room.

  3. interesting event. Thanks.