Could Steve Jobs Be Obama’s CTO?

January 4, 2009

This is the next (and hopefully last) nutty-MacWorld-rumor-with-a-morsel-of-plausibility floating around the Mac websites. The gist of it: the real reason why Steve Jobs cancelled his MacWorld apperance is because he landed the position of Federal Chief Technical Officer for the new Obama administration, and is preparing for the job. Read more over at Mac.Blorge. And Mac Soda. And Macenstein.

My thoughts? Steve’s biggest strength would be as a public speaker, being able to translate complicated technical stuff into easy to understand sound bites for both politicians and the general public. If the government decided to pursue government subsidized broadband as a national Internet policy, for instance, Jobs would do a great job of promotion. On the flip side, I could easily imagine Jobs’ strong personality becoming frustrated by the government bureaucracy. He wouldn’t be running the show, not anything close to it.

For further consideration, it’s worth looking at the job description of the federal CTO:

Doesn’t sound like Jobs at all, does it? I’m thinking this rumor is just that – a big wishful-thinking pipe-dream, based on the desire to have a big “one more thing” at the keynote, and a juicy reason for the Jobs cancellation. I’d guess Jobs is more interested a peaceful retirement than jumping head-first into the pressure-cooker that is politics.

Still, it’s a very entertaining final rumor to chew on before the MacWorld keynote come Tuesday.


  1. george says:

    Mac.Blorge? They quoted it off of Mac Soda. Mac Soda was the site with the initial speculation.