Netflix Watch Instantly Keeps Improving

October 29, 2008

Netflix Watch Instantly

Netflix is all about movies and has a vested interest in getting people off the increasingly archaic physical media, mail your DVDs in the mail thing and move toward digital distribution via the Internet. Netflix’s solution is their “Watch Instantly” service that streams video content to PCs, or a TV via a Netflix / Roku set top box. Netflix continues to improve the service through several recent moves:

A very interesting home entertainment situation is developing between different companies and strategies. Netflix is advocating a streaming solution with various partners. We have Blu-Ray, the declared winner of the next generation disc format over HD-DVD, looking a bit weak in the face of internet distribution. Then there’s Apple with Apple TV and its preference for paid downloads. And let’s not forget cable “on demand” although the various options are becoming compelling enough that some are cancelling cable outright.

Ultimately, these various options benefit the consumer. Blu-Ray players are predicted to drop in price significantly. Here’s hoping Apple makes some move to beef up their content or drop prices as well. Personally, this movie-addicted geek hopes the “war” continues.


  1. justine says:

    It can helps to everyone to have an idea and also to entertain..

  2. Julia V says:

    Netflix. What a survivor. I thought for sure that Blockbuster would have stomped them when they started online. Guess I'm wrong.

  3. What’s your view on the future of TV? In the UK we have many free channels, one set of channels for which everyone is legally enforced to purchase a licence (BBC) and then a few cable companies for which you pay a monthly subscription. However, more and more shows are being aired on the internet either live or on demand. I have noticed that my teenaged children are watching less and less TV but choosing to watch the programs they want, when they want, at the speed they want and regularly fast forwarding and therefore missing out sections of the show they are not interested in. Watching TV o days and times of the transmitters’ choosing seems to be disappearing fast and possibly only continues to exist because of ‘old’ people like me!