Interesting: CandyBar

September 13, 2008


CandyBar icon

I recently reviewed SuperDocker, a Mac OS X freeware program that lets you change the appearance of the OS X dock using various themes. Reader Mike suggested checking out CandyBar, a shareware program that also allows easy customization of the Dock but is a management solution for all your Mac icons. After a few minutes of using CandyBar, I think it’s a much better program.

The Good

The Bad


Forget what I wrote about Superdocker. The better program by far is CandyBar, based on the variety of icons and ease of use. It’s a free demo for 15 days and then costs $29.


  1. jcieplinski says:

    I've been using Candybar for years. It keeps getting better and better with every version, too.

  2. Timmargh says:

    Yep, me too — it's an excellent program and I was glad to see it merged with Pixadex.

    The one thing I do miss from previous versions is the ability to change icons within an application package, e.g. the different stages of a Safari download.

  3. Mike says:

    Way cool! Glad you like, dude…been a happy CandyBar user since this version came out. :)

    Both Panic and The Iconfactory do excellent work! It's really nice to see them working together.

  4. MOin says:

    oh wow how beautiful the icons are looking i must gona give it a try. icon factory are the real icon makers.