3G iPhone Insanity: Activation Trouble, Plan B And C

July 11, 2008

The Standard reports widespread problems activating 3G iPhones due to overwhelming demand. MG got his phone but it’s not activated; he is annoyed.

Fellow Apple addict and I drove by the San Francisco Chestnut Street store during lunch, unfortunately to see a prohibitively long line, probably due to the activation issues. iPhone not purchased.

Plan B (formerly Plan A) is now in effect: I’ll stop by the Burlingame store after work, and if that fails, there’s always Saturday or Sunday (Plan C). Hopefully the activation issues will have died down so I can just walk into a store and get this taken care of without a long wait. One way or another, I shall emerge this weekend with a 3G iPhone, activated or not.

So far I’m not annoyed nor inconveneinced, just still drooling profusely. At times like this, it’s definitely less stressful to be a “fashionably late” early adopter.


  1. papa says:

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll wait a week or two :-