So Are You Getting A 3G iPhone?

July 8, 2008

Just tossing this question out there to see what the answers are from the hapless readership of this blog: Are you planning on getting Apple’s new 3G iPhone coming this Friday? Why or why not? Let everyone know in the comments below.

Or, just gawk at the picture (drool).

iPhone 3G


  1. MG Siegler says:

    Yes, because I'm utterly addicted to the first one and this one is faster.

  2. Robert Barr says:

    No…reason? One word….at&t

  3. webomatica says:

    I appreciate your honesty that's pretty much my deal too :)

  4. Timmargh says:

    If O2 will let me break my current contract early, then yes. I've been with them a while and currently have two £30+ monthly contracts with them so I'm hoping that'll give me some leverage.

  5. 420greg says:

    I am not getting one until the slingplayer shows up inthe app store.

  6. Phil Nash says:

    Yes I am :)

    I didn't get the original iPhone and this one tipped the balance in favour of the iPhone (I really didn't want it without 3G for a start).

    I ordered mine on Monday and will be waiting by the door for the delivery on Friday. I'm excited!

  7. webomatica says:

    Cool! The whole go-to-the-store thing will be fun, but I'd definitely
    have ordered it online if I could have.

  8. webomatica says:

    Yep AT&T is increasingly, the least appealing aspect of the iPhone.

  9. webomatica says:

    That would definitely be way cool. Now I'll be waiting for that, too

  10. webomatica says:

    Yep, the devil is in the details, and with cell phones it's the

  11. jcieplinski says:

    If not by Friday, I'll have a white 16GB 3G before the end of the weekend, as long as Apple doesn't run out completely.

    Why? Because I'm nuts, that's why. Apple builds it; I buy it.

    What I'm looking forward to most is the 2.0 software, which I could get for free anyway for my current iPhone. Still, at least this way I'll be under warranty for another year.

  12. webomatica says:

    haha, from my perspective you're a very sane guy, but that's only
    because I'm an Apple addict myself.

  13. DaveD says:

    Nope. The nearest 3G coverage is over 100 miles away. So I'm sticking with my v1.0 iPhone for another year.

  14. tunequest says:

    I'd love to get my hands on one of those “revolutionary internet communications devices” but if I get one, my wife gets one. Even with family plans, that would more than double our current monthly cell phone bill. And I'm just not thrilled about paying that much money to AT&T.

  15. webomatica says:

    Yeah… the general trend from all the comments to this question (and
    on FriendFeed) has been AT&T is a big deal-breaker for many. That was
    my suspicion beforehand and this questioning confirmed it. I'm still
    gonna do a deal with the corporation just because, but in an ideal
    world I could use Verizon.

  16. webomatica says:

    I'm glad you did your homework and checked out the 3G coverage, which
    was kinda sparse IMHO. Unless you live in a major metro area it's not
    there. I wonder if there will be a bunch of folks buying the new phone
    come this weekend, and then wondering why the heck they aren't getting
    3G where they live after the fact?

  17. emi says:

    no but can't wait to try the apps on my old iphone.